Joanes or the Basque Whaler: The Flying Whaleboat


First book in the Joanes or the Basque Whaler trilogy! 

by Guillermo Zubiaga.

The Flying whaleboat is a graphic novel set in the golden age of Basque Whaling. This is the first volume of a fictional epic tale scattered with Basque mythological references. Joanes, the protagonist, was inspired by the real-life whaler Joanes de Etxaniz from Orio, Gipuzkoa who died in Canada in 1584.

This comic book combines history, myth, and fantasy and reflects the author’s intention of entertaining while educating his readers about an emblematic occupation of the historic Basques. Zubiaga views Basque whaling as an epic equal to that of American cowboys, Norwegian Vikings, or Japanese Samurais.

2009; 36 pages. Paper, $5.00

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