Basque Gift Pack Bundle


Give Basque books as gifts or enjoy them yourself, a selection of our most interesting titles at a 40% discount.

Modern Basque History: Eighteenth Century to the Present, Watson, $19.95
An Anthology of Basque Short Stories, Olaziregi, ed., $19.95
Joanes: Or the Basque Whaler (Graphic novel), Zubiaga, $5.00
Selected Writings of José Miguel Barandiarán: Basque Prehistory and Ethnography (paperback), Altuna, ed., $29.95
Oteiza’s Selected Writings, Zulaika, ed., $25.95
Koldo Mitxelena: Selected Writings a Basque Scholar (paperback), Salaburu, ed., $29.95
The Red Notebook, Urretabizkaia, 19.95
The Girl Who Swam to Euskadi (Children’s book), Kurlansky, $18.95

Total if buying the books separately: $169.65

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